I’ll come straight out and admit it, I’m totally addicted to seasons. After a couple of degrees and a remarkably small amount of time spent behind a desk I’m thoroughly committed to making season work a career choice rather than just a summer (or winter) of fun.

Seasonal work is plagued by the eccentricities which result from a fatal combination of the rich kids with more money than sense who book the holidays and the poor kids with more booze than money who facilitate going on the holiday. The rich kids obviously facilitate the poor kids being there in the first place and there is definitely some overlap between the two groups but that is a complete tangent. The point is that in this blog I hope to provide some useful tips on obtaining and retaining a season job as well as the best ways of living it up while you’re there. As well as that I’ll be ranting on the crazy crazy things that happen in resort since people behave their worst when on holiday. And the people who work in the holiday resorts get to see it all. And point. And laugh. And write it on their blogs. To balance out the odd rant I’ll rave about all the super awesome ski and sail gadgets I want but can’t afford. And of course I can’t deny the self-indulgence of a journal.

So as the camp New York waiter says ‘enjoooy’